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Perfect Couple

MDR Publishing

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Game Description

How much do you know about your significant other? Compete with other couples to see who comes out to be the Perfect  Couple.  

Game Specs

Player count: 2-8 players, or 1-4 couples,
Ages: 16+
Play time: 45-60 minutes

Game Basics 

This board game is a party game for adults in which couples will face challenges and complete tasks to see if they know their significant other better than the other couples know each other!

  • 😃 A MARVELOUS IDEA FOR A SUCCESSFUL EVENING in this game you can prove yourself in the most diverse tasks and compare with other pairs
  • 💕 FANTASTIC BONDING TIME WITH YOUR OTHER HALF this board game is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Provocative questions and creative tasks will bring lots of smiles and fun to both of you
  • 🎉 PARTY GAMES FOR COUPLES this game is intended for adults seeking an easy and fun entertainment for two or in company of friends
  • 💏 A PERFECT GIFT FOR A COUPLE for an anniversary, wedding, valentines day or party
  • 🎨 A PIECE OF ART Original illustrations by Andrzej Mleczko, the world-famous author of satirical drawings, give the party game charm. He presents everyday situations in a funny and even ironic way

What's inside:

🎴 Instructions
🎴 Two-sided game board (one side for one couple and the other for 2 to 4 couples).
🎴 8 characters (game pieces)
🎴 1 ""spin the bottle"" board
🎴 64 cupid tokens
🎴 1 sand timer
🎴 2 whiteboards
🎴 48 vouchers
🎴 2 whiteboard markers
🎴 1 whiteboard eraser cloth
🎴 6 victory chips (for couples)
🎴 55 cards - Charades
🎴 55 cards - How well do we know each other?
🎴 55 cards - Associations
🎴 55 cards - What are you talking about?

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